The Benefits of Brand Wraps

The Benefits of Brand Wraps

If you aren't wrapping your company vehicles, you're missing out on a huge opportunity for free brand marketing. To keep your business growing, you must promote your brand wherever you go. Every company vehicle should have matching wraps.

Avery Dennison, the premier leader in wrap vinyl, featured Steam Whistle Brewing of Toronto in their recent case study. Steam Whistle wanted to stand out so they hired Eminent Custom Graphics of Barrie, Ontario to wrap their fleet of vehicles. Eminent wrapped a Dodge Charger, a Jeep, a Toyota FJ Cruiser, a Mini Cooper using Avery MPI 1000 series and DOL 1000 series overlaminate. MPI 1000 series is perfect for long-term fleet wraps.

Eminent also wrapped beer coolers that Steam Whistle takes to beer festivals in the same recognizable green and white colors. Now Steam Whistle Brewery is recognizable wherever they go.

Big Picture magazine featured "3 Eye-Catching Vehicle Wraps That Give Brands a Boost". Avery donated MPI 1105 film for a food pantry bus wrap in Akron, Ohio. The vehicle will be delivering 22,000 pounds of fresh produce to 720 homes throughout the county per month. People will see the good-deed bus all around town and be spurred to help or refer someone they know who needs food.

No matter what the vehicle, when you're out there- people will see you. Make sure they're seeing the best you. Tell your brand story through your vehicles. Are all your company vehicles wrapped? Are the wraps cohesive- the same colors and logo? Is your contact information prominently displayed?

What is your brand story? If you need help with design, CH! Creative offers graphic services. Create a wrap that is eye-catching, stimulating, and most of all- memorable. Your company vehicles are rolling advertisements. They go wherever you go. Use vinyl wraps to make sure that you are at the forefront of people's minds wherever you go.


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