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Custom Magnetic Signage

Giá thông thường $24.95 USD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $24.95 USD
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Magnetic signs are a portable and cost-effective visual communications solution for your business, ideally suited for a wide variety of outdoor uses such as vehicles, trucks or any other metal surface. Simply place your magnets on a clean metal surface and you can easily remove and reapply your magnets over and over.

Magnetics are usually sold in sizes such as 18x12″, 24"x12″, or 24"x18". It's important to consider where the placement of your magnetic signs will be on the vehicle when choosing a size. We offer rounded orners on all magnetic signs.

We use the finest quality materials that are weather resistant and UV (ultra violet) resistant to avoid fading. The magnets are designed to last outdoors, in the rain, snow, heat, and cold. Storage recommendations for magnetic signs include not folding the signs, rather placing them flat on a metal surface to keep them flat and attractive looking.

Please note: Magnetic sign will only adhere to a metal surface such as iron, nickel, and cobalt. The following material will NOT accept magnet: Plastic and composite materials, stainless steel,  aluminum, copper, brass, bronze.


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